SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

Oll+ Interview

Bechter Zaffignani - KWB hydropower control center, Tirol 2014. Brutalism is alive and well. Via, photos (C) Rasmus Norlander.

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Oskar Leo Kaufmann - House RSchnepfau 2012 (prev). Via, photos (C) Adolf Bereuter.

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Adolf Krischanitz - Sperl house, Zurndorf 2001. Photos (C) Margherita Spiluttini.

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Panovscott - House JC renovation, Sydney 2013. Photos (C) Brett Boardman.

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Henke Schreieck - Kufstein university building, Kufstein 2001. A unique double facade of operable full height terrace-like wood doors behind a glazed skin with operable vent panels provides optimal thermal performance while allowing classrooms to feel open to the exterior. Depending on the time of day, the glazing either reflects the surroundings or accentuates the inner timber structure. Photos (C) Margherita Spiluttini

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Dietrich Untertrifaller - Kindergarten, Egg 2004. Photos (C) Bruno Klomfar.

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Dietrich Untertrifaller - University of applied sciences, Salzburg 2009. Photos (C)  Bruno Klomfar.

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Dietrich Untertrifaller - House I, Schwarzenberg 1999. Via, photos (C) Ignacio Martinez.

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mate.marte - Alfenzbruecke bridge, Montafon 2011. Photos (C) Marc Lins

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marte.marte - SIE headquarters, Lustenau 2002. Photos (C) Margherita Spiluttini, Bruno Klomfar

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LOVERagnitzstraße apartments, Graz 2014. Photos (C) Jasmin Schuller.

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Hermann Kaufmann - House for a sawmill owner, Au 2000. The timber for the house, a combination of spruce, larch, and fir, was provided by the client’s mill. The house is structure by prefabricated timber stud panels that are fastened with diagonally offset hardwood pegs, avoiding all glue, screws, or nails.  Photos (C) Bruno Klomfar.

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Cukrowicz Nachbaur - House for a carpenter, Hittisau 2004. Via, photos (C) Hanspeter Schiess.

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Cukrowicz Nachbaur - Primary School, Doren 2003. Via, photos (C) Hanspeter Schiess.

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Cukrowicz Nachbaur - Sankt Gerold community center, St. Gerold 2008. Impeccable dealing; from the integrated strip lighting in the slatted ceiling, the central stair, millwork heat registers and the passivhaus rated energy performance, this is a phenomenal project. Via, photos (C) Hanspeter Schiess.

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