SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

Oll+ Interview

Roberto Ercilla - Montehermoso socio-cultural center, Vitoria-Gasteiz 1997. Via, photos (C) César San Millán Agüera.

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Roberto Ercilla - Social-cultural Centre, Nanclares 1996. Via, photos (C) César San Millán Agüera

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Barge Bouza Arquitectos - Mandaean Ethnographic Center, Curtis 2013. Scans via, photos (C) Héctor Santos-Díez.


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ModostudioElisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation, Laives 2014. Via, photos (C) Laura Egger.

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Emilio Faroldi Associati - Butterfly house, Collodi 2004. This and the adjacent estate can be yours for the low price of €19,000,000. Photos (C) Marco Introini

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Pesquera Ulargui Arquitectos - Renovation and addition of a cultural center of the Wall of Logroño, Logroño 2009. Via, photos (C) Pedro Pegenaute, Eduardo Sánchez.

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Mansilla+Tuñón - MUSAC auditorium, Leon 2004 (previously). Photos (C) Roland Halbe, Luis Asin. 

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Mansilla & Tunon - Leon Auditorium, Leon 2002. Photos (C) Roland Halbe

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Cukrowicz Nachbaur - Music House, Röthis 2010. Photos (C) Hanspeter Schiess.

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Eduardo de Miguel Arbones - Valencia Cultural Centre, 2006. A favorite. Via, photos (C) Duccio Malagamba.

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Francisco MangadoBaluarte congress center & and auditorium, Navarre 2003. Photos (C) Roland Halbe.

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Valerio Olgiati - The yellow house, Flims 2000. The conversion of a historic house owned by the architect’s father to a cultural center involved stripping the structure to it’s bare bones. The original plaster siding was removed and ground down, exposing the shell of stone walls and cross bracing timber. The interior was gutted, and retrofitted with a new structural system that highlights the idiosyncrasies of the historic house, while accommodating the contemporary function. Windows are recessed back into the facade with new concrete frames, visually exploiting the depth of the walls to create a more cavernous facade. From the interior, the effect is opposite, drawing the landscape into the exhibition spaces. The new building, painted all while, texturally relates with the jagged mountains that dominate the town, but sits in sharp contrast to their dark tones. Previously, inspiration for Olgiati’s work.

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Jesús Aparicio & Héctor Fernández ElorzaArchitectural Documentation Centre, Madrid 2006. Photos (C) Roland Halbe

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Pierre Hebbelinck - Le Manege Theatre, Mons 2006. Photos (C) Marie-Noëlle Dailly.

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Pierre Hebbelinck - Theater renovation, Liège 2003. Via, photos (C) François Brix,

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