SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

Oll+ Interview

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk - Garden shed, Oslo 1995.

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Carl-Viggo HølmebakkMortuary at Asker Crematorium, Kirkeveien 2000 (details). Prev, photos (C) Jiri Havran.

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Johan CelsingÅrsta church, Stockholm 2008. Photos (C) Ioana Marinescu.

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Bétrix & Consolascio - Casa Stoira II, Avegno 1994. 

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FT Architects - Archery and Boxing facilities, Tokyo 2013. Each timber structure, while similar in scale, materiality, and design concept, is given a different treatment based on the activity within. The timber roof of the archery range is light, delicately detailed, and set against a black back-drop, referencing the proportions and precision of the archer’s arrows. The boxing studio has a stacked timber roof that is heavy, aggressive, and detailed with over-sized bolts, creating a visual movement akin to the physical contact of the boxing match. The exterior continues the theme; the light brown stain on the archery studio responds to the materials of the bow and arrow, while the more concrete finish of the boxing ring feels more grounded. Via.

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Kengo KumaKyushu Geibunkan ceramic arts studio, Fukuoka 2013. 

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Hiroshi Naito - Makino Botanical Museum, Koshi 1999. Via, photos (C) Shinkenchiku-sha.

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Karljosef Schattner - Hirschberg Castle extension, Beilngries 1992Photos (C) Klaus Kinold. Via, 2

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Atelier Neuenschwander - Barn conversion, Gockhausen 2007. Love the preservation of the deteriorating historic barn, especially the half-column in the top image. 

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A staircase by Eladio Dieste. 

A staircase by Eladio Dieste

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A structural connection by Jean-François Zevaco.

A structural connection by Jean-François Zevaco.

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A handrail by Alejandro de la Sota. 

A handrail by Alejandro de la Sota

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A column by Claude Strebelle.

A column by Claude Strebelle.

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Mecanoo - Library, Birmingham 2013. Via, photos (C) Christian Richters.

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Entry conditions from various Cannatà e Fernandes houses.

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