SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

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Cukrowicz Nachbaur - Sankt Gerold community center, St. Gerold 2008. Impeccable dealing; from the integrated strip lighting in the slatted ceiling, the central stair, millwork heat registers and the passivhaus rated energy performance, this is a phenomenal project. Via, photos (C) Hanspeter Schiess.

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Peter Zumthor - Swiss sound box, a pavilion for the 2000 expo in Hanover. The temporary pavilion was designed with the expo’s theme of “sustainability” in mind. Over 3000 cubic meters of Swiss Larch and Fir were shipped to Germany, and stacked in a fashion similar to standard lumber-drying racks. Engineer Jürg Conzett was brought in to devise a cable tensioning system that allowed the structure to be assembled without the use of nails, screws, or other adhesives. The tension rods were periodically tightened throughout the course of the expo to maintain structural integrity as the wood dried. The project was then disassembled and shipped back to Switzerland in a post-tensioned state, increasing the value of the lumber. The porous design also played a crucial role in the programing of the space; unlike other pavilions which traditionally served as national portfolios, the soundbox was intended as place to relax, socialize, and explore. Over 500 musicians wandered through the projects labyrinthian layout during its 6 month existence, sometimes interacting through the walls, other times congregation for orchestral performances. Three different bar and food areas ensured visitors had a more private space to relax amongst the congested expo grounds. Photos (C) Roland Halbe

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Gion A Caminada - Caminada house, Vrin 2000. Having lived and practiced in the small Swiss mountain village of Vrin (populated only be a few hundred residents) for his career, Caminada has a body of work that is highly contextual in its comprehensive understand of local tradition, yet subtly modern in it’s interpretation. For his own house above, the structural system is based on a traditional “Stickbau" method of stacking timbers, however this system is exploited and engineered to it’s full potential to create unobstructed interior spaces, bridge large structural spans, and create aesthetic deviations as seen in the clean corner detail in the bottom image. Scans via, photos (C) Lucia Degonda

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Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk - Garden shed, Oslo 1995.

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Carl-Viggo HølmebakkMortuary at Asker Crematorium, Kirkeveien 2000 (details). Prev, photos (C) Jiri Havran.

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Johan CelsingÅrsta church, Stockholm 2008. Photos (C) Ioana Marinescu.

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Bétrix & Consolascio - Casa Stoira II, Avegno 1994. 

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FT Architects - Archery and Boxing facilities, Tokyo 2013. Each timber structure, while similar in scale, materiality, and design concept, is given a different treatment based on the activity within. The timber roof of the archery range is light, delicately detailed, and set against a black back-drop, referencing the proportions and precision of the archer’s arrows. The boxing studio has a stacked timber roof that is heavy, aggressive, and detailed with over-sized bolts, creating a visual movement akin to the physical contact of the boxing match. The exterior continues the theme; the light brown stain on the archery studio responds to the materials of the bow and arrow, while the more concrete finish of the boxing ring feels more grounded. Via.

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Kengo KumaKyushu Geibunkan ceramic arts studio, Fukuoka 2013. 

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Hiroshi Naito - Makino Botanical Museum, Koshi 1999. Via, photos (C) Shinkenchiku-sha.

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Karljosef Schattner - Hirschberg Castle extension, Beilngries 1992Photos (C) Klaus Kinold. Via, 2

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Atelier Neuenschwander - Barn conversion, Gockhausen 2007. Love the preservation of the deteriorating historic barn, especially the half-column in the top image. 

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A staircase by Eladio Dieste. 

A staircase by Eladio Dieste

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A structural connection by Jean-François Zevaco.

A structural connection by Jean-François Zevaco.

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A handrail by Alejandro de la Sota. 

A handrail by Alejandro de la Sota

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