SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

Oll+ Interview

Fabian EversWezel Architektur - Unimog house, Tübingen 2012. Photos (C) Sebastian Berger.

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Nieto Sobejano - Moritzburg Museum Extension, Moritzburg 2008. Via, photos (C) Roland Halbe, Ludwig Rauch

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Florian Nagler - Hotel Tannerhof renovation and addition, Bayrischzell 2011. Via, photos (C) Stefan Müller-Naumann.

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Peter Zumthor - Bruder Klaus chapel, Wachendorf 2007. Prev, beautiful photos by Walter Mair

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Mies van der RoheLange and Esters houses, Krefeld 1930. Via

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Karl Heinz Schmitz & Rittmannsberger Architekten - Anna Amalia library extension, Weimar 2005. Note how the adjacent buildings inform the addition; by aligning the top of the windows to the building on the left and the bottom with the building on the right, a new proportion is created that dictates the facade. Photos (C) Ulrich Schwarz.

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David Chipperfield - Office extension and cafe, Berlin 2013 (click for big). Photos (C) Ute Zscharn.

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Bernd Sammann - Low energy collective housing, Ronnenberg-Benthe 2005. The monolithic cubes are all designed without visible details; no base, paint, flashing, gutters, or roof details. Despite the simplicity, the variety of floor plans and positioning on the site is dynamically communicated through the articulation of the windows and landscape, creating a refreshing model of communal living. Photos (C) Klaus Dieter Weiss.

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Meck Architekten - Family house, Munich 2001. Via, photos (C) Michael Heinrich

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Meck Architekten - Parish house and youth center, Lenting 1998. Via, photos (C) Michael Heinrich

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Lederer, Ragnarsdóttir, Oei - Wicker balconies in the Catholic academy extension, Stuttgart 1999. Via, photos (C) Roland Halbe.

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Reuter + Werr - Funerary chapel, Walsdorf 2004. Photos (C) Klaus Dieter Weiss.

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Thomas Kröger - Werkhaus, renovation of an agricultural machine shop to a studio and residence for a designer, Gerswalde 2013. Photos (C) Thomas Heimann. 

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John Pawson - House in Nordrhein-Westfalen, 2003 (prev). Photos (C) Todd Eberle.

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se(arch) - House E17, Metzingen 2012. Via, photos (C) Zooey Braun.

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