SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

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Matos ArquitectosQuinta dos Floreados house, located on the site of dilapidated 18th century chapel ruins, Montemor-o-Velho 2008. Photos (C) Christian Schaulin.

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Ricardo Silva Carvalho - Torres Vedras house, Pó 2013. Photos photos (C) Fernando Guerra

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TMA - MR house, Beja 2009. Via, photos (C) Fernando Guerra

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Cien house, Concepcion 2011 (previously). Photos (C) Cristóbal Palma.

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Gago house, San Pedro 2013. Photos (C) Cristóbal Palma.

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Fosc house, San Pedro 2009. Photos (C) Cristóbal Palma.

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Wolf house, San Pedro 2007. Photos (C) Cristóbal Palma.

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Jun Igarashi - House O, Eastern Hokkaido. Via, photos (C) Iwan Baan

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MOS Architects - Element house, the prototype of a prefabricated, modular dwelling that can be implemented “off the grid” in any location, and has an outgrowth logic based on the Fibonacci sequence. This first prototype is nearing completion adjacent to Charles Ross’ “Star Axis" in Anton Chico, NM. 

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Koji Tsutsui - Mill Valley house, California 2013. Via, photos (C) Iwan Baan

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Tatiana Bilbao - Casa Ventura, Monterrey 2014. Via, photos (C) Iwan Baan

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Nial McLaughlinPipers End house, Hertfordshire 2008. Photos (C) Nick Kane

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Dietrich Untertrifaller - House I, Schwarzenberg 1999. Via, photos (C) Ignacio Martinez.

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Skene Catling de la Peña - The dairy house, Somerset 2008. The extension to a former dairy uses locally dried timber stacked on laminated sheets of glass. The restructuring of the facade maintains the solidity of the historic building from the exterior while providing luminosity with refracted daylight on the interior. Via, photos (C) James Morris.

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Kruunenberg en Van der Erve - Laminata glass house, Leerdam 2001. Via, photos (C) Luuk Kramer

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