SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

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Takahashi Maki - White hut, Saitama 2012. Via, photos (C) Shinkenchiku-sha.

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Unemori Architects - Small house, Meguro, 2010. Due to the small lot size, each of the five floors is devoted to a single room, with the lower most floor half-submerged below grade. Via, photos (C) Ken Sasajima.

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Tato Architects - House in Itami, 2012. Note how the furniture is integrated into the staircase; the daybed, side-table, and dresser all double as stair treads. Via, photos (C) Koichi Torimura.

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Tato ArchitectsHouse in Futako-Shinchi, 2009. Photos (C) Mitsutaka Kitamura.

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Ninkipen! - 4n house, Ikoma 2013. Photos (C) Kawada Hiroki.

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Alphaville - Roof-hill house, Takarazuka 2013. Amazing light in this one. Photos (C) Kai Nakamura.

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Sean Godsell - Edward Street House, Brunswick 2012. Photos (C) Earl Carter

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Atelier FCJZ - Vertical glass house, designed in 1991 as part of a competition in Japan Architect magazine, and built in Shanghai in 2013. Via.

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Héctor Fernández Elorza - Renovation of Santo Sepulcro chapel to a cultural center, Madrid 2012. Via, photos (C) Montse Zamorano Gañán.

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SMS Arquitectos - Renovation of a historic townhome, Llombards 2013. The drawing set for the project was done by free-hand sketch and on-site with the builders, no computers used. Photos (C) Salva Lopez.

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Francisco Cifuentes - House in Bunyola, 2006. Via

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Hugh Strange - Renovation of a barn to an architecture archive, Somerset 2014. Photos (C) David Grandorge.

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Tabuenca & LeacheRestoration of the “El Condestable” Palace, Pamplona 2008. Photos (C) Pedro Pegenaute

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Hans Jörg Ruch - Chesa Madalena transformation of a farmhouse built in 1305 to a gallery, Zuoz 2002. Photos (C) Filippo Simonetti.

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Hans Jörg Ruch - Chesa Andrea, Madulain 1999. Photos (C) Filippo Simonetti.

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