SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

Oll+ Interview

Ramser Schmid & Planetage - Garden pavilion, Zug 2014. Via, photos (C) Ralph Feiner.

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Barozzi Veiga - Auditorium and Congress Palace, Aguilas 2012. Photos (C) Mariela Apollonio.

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Brückner & Brückner - Meeting point at the German-Czech border, Bärnau 2000. A small landmark on the predominantly untouched landscape, the structure resembles a fragment of a former building; the skeleton of a mining support wall so common in the area, the first level of a historic stone house, or the borders of a early farm. Alternating layers of crushed granite concrete and sandwiched laminated glass panels create a common texture, but allow the structure to slowly dissolve as it rises. Natural light passes through the glass, and from within a slight blue tint cast offers a meditative space for people wondering the area. Via, photos (C) André Mühling, Siegfried Wameser.

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Selgas Cano - El Batel Auditorium, Cartagena 2012. Photos (C) Roland HalbeIwan Baan

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Valerio Olgiati - Plantahof auditorium, Landquart 2010. Via, photos (C) Javier Miguel Verme, Ralph Feiner.

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Héctor Fernández Elorza & Manuel Fernández Ramírez - Venecia ParkZaragoza 2011. Via, photos (C) Montse Zamorano Gañán.

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Francisco Mangado - Swimming pool, La Coruña 1998. 

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Werner Tscholl - Mountain pass museum, Timmelsjoch 2010 (prev). Via, photos (C) Alexa Rainer.

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Robbrecht en Daem & Marie-José Van Hee - Stadshal open air market, Ghent 2012. Via, photos (C) Hufton + Crow.

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Charmaine Lay & Carles Muro - Inca public market, Majorca 2011. Via, photos (C) José Hevia.

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Kuehn Malvezzi - Two passageway projects connecting historic museums; Belvedere museum in Vienna 2009 (top), Berggruen museum in Berlin, 2013. Via, 2, photos (C) Ulrich Schwarz.

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Ábalos & Sentkiewicz - High speed train station and public park, Logroño 2012-13. Photos (C) José Hevia.

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Carl-Viggo HølmebakkJektvik ferry quay rest area, Rødøy 2010. At night, the rest area serves as a beacon for arriving ships. Via, photos (C) Magne Myrvold.

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Carlos Ferrater - Botanical institute, Barcelona 2002. Photos (C) Rasmus Hjortshøj.

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Curtis & Davis - Rivergate, New Orleans 1968. Demolished in 1995, more on that here

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