SUBTĪLITĀS (latin; noun f., 3rd):
fineness of texture, logic, detail; slenderness, exactness, acuteness; sharpness : precision

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Cien house, Concepcion 2011 (previously). Photos (C) Cristóbal Palma.

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen - Gago house, San Pedro 2013. Photos (C) Cristóbal Palma.

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Skene Catling de la Peña - The dairy house, Somerset 2008. The extension to a former dairy uses locally dried timber stacked on laminated sheets of glass. The restructuring of the facade maintains the solidity of the historic building from the exterior while providing luminosity with refracted daylight on the interior. Via, photos (C) James Morris.

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Some parallels between Valerio Olgiati's National Park Center in Zernez (2008) and Pezo Von Ellrichshausen's Solo House in Teruel (2013). Photos (C) Javier Miguel Verme, Cristobal Palma.

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Jesús Aparicio & Héctor Fernández ElorzaArchitectural Documentation Centre, Madrid 2006. Photos (C) Roland Halbe

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Be-Fun - Cocolo apartment building, Japan 2014. 

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Unemori Architects - Small house, Meguro, 2010. Due to the small lot size, each of the five floors is devoted to a single room, with the lower most floor half-submerged below grade. Via, photos (C) Ken Sasajima.

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Tato Architects - House in Itami, 2012. Note how the furniture is integrated into the staircase; the daybed, side-table, and dresser all double as stair treads. Via, photos (C) Koichi Torimura.

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Nieto Sobejano - Embarcadero civic and cultural center, Cáceres 2003. Via, 2, photos (C) Roland Halbe, Fernando Alda

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Werner Tscholl - Mumelter house, Bozen 2000. Photos (C) Alexa Rainer.

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Graber Pulver - Rondo apartments, Zurich 2007. Photos (C) Walter Mair.

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Smiljan Radic - Renovation of the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, Santiago 2013. Via, photos (C) Nico Saieh.

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Franco Gerosa - Casa impa, Tabiago 2005. Photos (C) Filippo Simonetti.

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Jun Igarashi - Case house, Sapporo 2013. The cables in the exterior image connect back to the garden, and will eventually form a green canopy around the house. Via, photos (C) Daichi Ano.

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Claus en Kaan - Tynaarlo Town hall, Vries 2004. Via, photos (C) Christian Richters

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